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Nov 2023

The Art of Giving: A Fusion of Creativity and Compassion

"The Art of Giving" charity art auction—a celebration of talent, community, and philanthropy. Bid | Purchase Tickets | Donate

Jun 2023

Expert Tips and Tricks for First-Time Collectors

Discover valuable insights on how to start your art collection with confidence and success.

Jun 2023

Celebrating the Artistry of the Human Body

Embark on a transformative journey of exploration and appreciation as we celebrate the artistry of the human body.

Jun 2023

Exploring the Benefits of Corporate Art Consulting

Maximize the power of art to create an inviting and professional workplace, align aesthetics with company culture, and enhance office layout for a positive and inspiring environment.

Jun 2023

The Intricate Allure of Texture in Abstract Art

Discover the transformative power of texture in our online exhibition, featuring the abstract works of Father Bill Moore.

Jun 2023

Art Concierge vs. Full-Service Art Consultancies

Uncover the differences between art concierge services and full-service art consultancies.