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The Art of Giving: A Fusion of Creativity and Compassion

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Art possesses the transformative power to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and ignite positive change. In a harmonious blend of creativity and compassion, Assistance League® of Los Angeles, in collaboration with its dynamic Young Professionals Group, invites you to embark on a monthlong journey of giving through the mesmerizing world of art. Welcome to "The Art of Giving" charity art auction—a celebration of talent, community, and philanthropy.

A Monthlong Celebration of Art and Generosity

Enthusiasts, collectors, and art appreciators alike can now participate in the online auction, featuring an exquisite collection from some of Los Angeles' most talented artists. This virtual gallery not only offers the opportunity to acquire unique artworks but also contributes to a noble cause. The carefully curated selection of art reflects the league's commitment to creating positive change for underserved youth in Los Angeles. Every bid and artwork acquired becomes a brushstroke in a larger masterpiece supporting the league's mission.

Sun-Mi's "Dear Persephone" Series: A Glimpse into Childhood Psyche

Among the treasures featured in the auction are three paintings from contemporary artist Sun-Mi's "Dear Persephone" series. Born in Paraguay and of Korean-American descent, Sun-Mi honed her craft at the Maryland Institute College of Art, infusing a unique touch into her creations. Her monopaintings on ink-stained wood panels invite viewers on an enchanting journey through her childhood psyche. Drawing inspiration from animation and cartoons, her characters pay homage to the innocence and wonder of youth. This series invites you to tag along on an adventure as Persephone explores the world through Sun-Mi's artistic lens.

Sun-Mi encapsulates her artistic philosophy with a poignant quote: "I document what my eyes have witnessed, heart has felt, and lessons that should have been learned. Through my paintings, I will whisper to you my story." Her dedication to storytelling through art adds a profound layer to each piece, inviting viewers to connect with the narratives embedded within the strokes and colors.

Original artwork by Sun Mi. Available now via 'The Art of Giving' online auction event.

Supporting Underserved Youth: The Heart of the Cause

Beyond the aesthetics and thrill of acquiring unique artworks, "The Art of Giving" is about making a difference in the lives of underserved children and young adults in Los Angeles. The funds raised through this event will directly contribute to Assistance League of Los Angeles' philanthropic efforts, ensuring that every youth in need receives the support they deserve.

Join the Celebration: Bid Virtually, Attend Live

The online auction is open now! Participate in virtual bidding today and don't forget to mark your calendars for the live auction on December 2nd—a night of celebration where the bidding continues, and the community unites for a shared cause.

In the coming weeks, let the spirit of giving and the allure of art guide your journey. "The Art of Giving" awaits your participation as we come together to create a masterpiece of generosity, compassion, and positive change. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

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