Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

Discover TKOart's long-standing partnership with MGM, spanning over 25 years, where we've provided a range of customized art solutions that transform and enhance the aesthetics of MGM's properties worldwide. From art procurement to installation, on-site management, and even historical document preservation, our team of experts has played a pivotal role in creating visually appealing environments that reflect the company's rich history and culture.


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TKOart has served as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's trusted art consultant since 1993, offering a wide range of art services to the company. Given the extensive scope of MGM's properties, our team at TKOart is honored to have played a pivotal role in creating visually appealing environments that reflect the company's rich history and culture.

From properties situated in New York and London to their headquarters located in Beverly Hills, we've provided customized art solutions to enhance MGM's properties' overall aesthetic and offer an immersive experience for their guests and employees.

Our range of services provided for MGM includes:

  • ART LAYOUT AND INSTALLATION: We make certain that each piece of art is placed correctly and optimally within MGM's properties.
  • ON-SITE ART STORAGE & MANAGEMENT: We ensure that valuable art pieces are kept safe and secure.
  • ART PROCUREMENT: We assist with sourcing unique and high-quality artwork that aligns with MGM's style and culture.
  • ART CONSULTATION: We provide valuable insights and guidance on art selection, placement, and display.
  • CUSTOM ART FRAMING: We ensure each piece of art is framed to complement the overall aesthetic of MGM's properties.
  • CREATIVE ART DISPLAYS: We utilize innovative techniques to create visually stunning art displays that enhance MGM's properties.

Some notable projects we have undertaken for MGM include:

  1. MGM PLAZA ART INSTALLATION: In 1993, TKOart played a crucial role in MGM's relocation from their historic lot in Culver City to Santa Monica, California. We curated and installed over 1,800 pieces of art across 16 floors and five buildings, as well as redesigned 24 conference rooms. Additionally, we established an on-site "art cage" for the secure storage of valuable art pieces.
  2. CENTURY CITY ART PROCUREMENT: When MGM relocated to Century City in 2003, we were entrusted with the handling of all aspects of art procurement, placement, and handling. TKOart curated 68 images that traced the history of MGM and United Artists, printed and framed them in large sizes, and inset them into niches created specifically for each piece.
  3. BEVERLY HILLS ART DISPLAY: In 2011, we once again were responsible for MGM's art display during their move to Beverly Hills. Our team has continued to collaborate with MGM to provide distinctive, challenging, and stunning art displays, which have contributed to our growth and success.
  4. CREATIVE ART PATCHWORK: We were brought in as creative consultants to fill uneven walls with artwork. The images were printed on special silver paper to create a glowing effect from within and strategically placed at the end of hallways and key sightlines.
  5. BUILDING ENTRY DISPLAY: Our team designed and installed six giant cantilevered pieces of plexi to showcase six of MGM's most iconic cinematic moments. Our unique design resulted in a stunning display that appeared as if these iconic images were floating off the Venetian plaster walls of the vaulted entry.
  6. HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS & PHOTOGRAPHY DISPLAY: We scanned and printed key historical documents, producing high quality replicas of the originals and designed a museum display to highlight and elevate the company's history.
  7. QUATERLY MARKETING ART ROTATION: We provided removable vinyl wallpaper for rotating art displays in MGM's worldwide locations.
  8. INTERCHANGEABLE ART DISPLAYS: We created an interchangeable art system for MGM's entryways to accomadate the turnover of artwork for each new movie relase.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional art consultation, installation, and management services to our clients. Our work with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating unique, impactful, and visually stunning art displays.