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For numerous years, TKOart has been providing art consulting services for FOX Studios, delivering creative solutions and producing stunning artwork that enhances the look and feel of their properties. Our lasting affiliation with FOX Studios speaks to the quality of our work and the range of services we provide.


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TKOart has a longstanding history with FOX Sports, having been first engaged shortly after the network's founding in 1994. As FOX Sports expanded its presence on the FOX lot, our services grew in tandem. Our reputation for providing exceptional art consulting services spread throughout the company, with satisfied FOX Sports customers referring other executives to us. After years of referrals, we were ultimately awarded the contract to handle art and framing for the entire FOX lot, cementing our partnership with FOX Studios as a whole.

We're proud to provide high-quality art consulting services to FOX Studios. With years of experience working with every division of the company, our primary goal is to deliver creative solutions and produce amazing artwork and framing that delivers a seamless and consistent look across all spaces.

Our range of services we have provided for FOX Studios includes:

  • RESEARCH & LICENSING: Our meticulous research ensures all of the artwork and imagery we use in our projects are appropriate and licensed.
  • SPACE PLANNING & DESIGN: Working closely with executives, we evaluate the space and provide detailed plans for artwork and framing, including dimensions, materials, and placement.
  • ART CURATION: We carefully curate art displays that showcase the unique histories of each division of FOX Studios, while also reflecting and celebrating the company's brand and culture.
  • FRAMING DESIGN: We design framing solutions that align with FOX Studios' strict style guide and standards.
  • INSTALLATION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Our team of experts handles all aspects of installation and project management, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and executed to the highest standard.

Some notable projects we have worked on for FOX Studios include:

  1. CUSTOM NFL PASSES: We designed hundreds of custom lanyard passes for FOX Sport's NFL program, featuring colored plexiglass and multi-layered graphics. Our goal was to create something extraordinary and unique to entice attendees to cherish and display their passes.
  2. WALLPAPER DESIGN: We used plans from the original FOX lot construction to create a 100-foot-long wallpaper for the design and architecture department. We deconstructed and reconstructed the original plans to fit a longer linear design, creating a cohesive and continuous look. The result was a stunning collage that stayed true to the original hand-drawn look and feel.
  3. WRESTLING AWARD: We created an award for use during a live presentation of wrestling smackdown. The award was so convincing that a wrestler almost bit the head off during the ceremony.
  4. NASCAR DOOR: We designed custom framing for a wrecked NASCAR door provided to Fox Sports after a famous crash. The framing and installation transformed the wreckage into a work of art.Smooth Interactions
  5. CEO & CFO OFFICE SUITES: We assisted in selecting artwork, obtained image licensing, managed lab work and printing, designed layout and conducted installation. Existing artwork was augmented with key pieces to create a cohesive display and new artwork was installed during early morning so as not to disrupt the executives.
  6. BUILDING 88: We planned the layout and designed framing for FOX’s historic Building 88 to fit within the strict style guide and standards of FOX Studios. The scope of the project was expanded to include framing designs for comic cells.

At TKOart, we take pride in delivering exceptional art consulting services to enhance the look and feel of our clients' spaces. Our time-honored partnership with FOX Studios is a testament to the quality of our work, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future.