Deckers Brands

TKOart had the honor of delivering a broad array of art services for Deckers Brands during the campus expansion of their California corporate headquarters. Our proficiency in art planning, placement, curation, installation, and project management enabled us to achieve outstanding outcomes for this multifaceted project.


corporate; retail


multi building; new construction


curation; planning; placement; installment; project management

TKOart was contracted to provide comprehensive art services for the Deckers Brands campus expansion project, which was initiated through a recommendation from the former Head of Facilities at MGM Studios. Deckers Brands, a retail corporation known for brands such as UGG, Hoka, and Teva, faced the challenge of organizing and optimizing their workspace located at the Santa Barbara airport during the expansion of its California headquarters. They needed a proficient partner to assess their current artwork inventory and make strategic decisions to align their artwork with the new construction plans.

Solving this challenge, TKOart had the honor of delivering comprehensive art services that integrated the company’s values and promoted productivity. Housing multiple divisions across four large buildings, we worked closely with each division to ensure art pieces aligned with each unique brand under the overarching Deckers universe.

Our expertise allowed us to create an art plan that encapsulated the company's values and legacy, while simultaneously strengthening brand recognition. We are dedicated to executing intricate projects with great finesse and achieving remarkable outcomes.

Themed areas were designed for each division to promote individuality and diversity, while community spaces were given special attention to encourage collaboration and cross-brand awareness. In addition to curating a selection of fine art for the executive areas, TKOart also created a chronological "best of" wall that traced the company's history from its modest beginnings to its current position as an industry leader.

The range of services provided to Deckers Brands includes:

  • Art planning for multiple divisions
  • Art curation to ensure that each piece aligns with individual brands and overall aesthetic
  • Art placement for optimal visibility and impact
  • Art installation for seamless integration into the space
  • Project management to ensure that the art plan was executed efficiently and effectively

Key details of the Deckers' campus expansion project:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of Deckers' existing offices and developed a plan to integrate their artwork with the new construction
  • Exemplified deep understanding of spaces and corporate branding and how they intersect to create a cohesive environment
  • Created remarkable themed spaces for multiple divisions to promotes productivity and inclusivity
  • Project spanned across four large buildings, total property size approximately 30,000 SF
  • Collaborated with Deckers Brands in a like-minded approach to ensure the success of the project

Working with Deckers Brands was a pleasure for the TKOart team, as the company's commitment to its employees and environment was evident throughout the project. Deckers Brands' collaborative and like-minded approach was appreciated, and it was an honor to partner with such an esteemed organization.

Overall, the Deckers Brands campus expansion project is an excellent representation of TKOart's exceptional work. The firm's expertise in understanding the relationship between spaces and corporate branding, and their ability to create a remarkable space that promotes productivity and diversity, is a testament to their proficiency in art consultancy. TKOart is proud to have been involved in the success of the Deckers Brands campus expansion project.