Bob Olson Residence

At TKOart, we collaborate with clients to curate customized art collections that enhance the beauty and character of their luxury properties. Our services extend beyond artwork to sourcing property-specific sculptures and accessories that complete the overall design. Our expertise in art consultancy is exemplified by our work with Bob Olson, founder of RD Olson Construction, where we curated a custom art collection for his personal residence.


residential; private residence


multiple residential properties


sourcing; curation; commissions; placement; framing; installment

Bob Olson, the mastermind behind RD Olson Construction, has built numerous iconic properties including hotels, resorts, multi-unit housing, country clubs, retail spaces, and restaurants for major brands such as Marriott, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, and Starwood Lodging. It speaks volumes that even he turned to TKOart for his personal art collection.

Olson's waterfront residence in Newport Beach, California, combines the charm of Nantucket with a refined European eclectic design aesthetic, making it ideal for coastal living. TKOart curated a custom art collection for the three-story home, designed with family and entertaining in mind. The collection features an original entryway piece by Ed Ruscha that sets the tone for the treasures artfully placed throughout the home. The dining room, designed to mimic the hull of an ancient wooden ship, features a historic oil painting of a clipper ship with a custom hand-carved and gilded frame framing the head of the table. Other works include commissioned paintings of the sunset from the second floor, collectible contemporary paintings from Southern California's hottest emerging artists, and wild and fun collage creations echoing the surf community vibe for the children's rooms. TKOart's services extended beyond artwork to sourcing property-specific sculptures and accessories that completed the home's design. This diamond property was a featured project in The Robb Report, showcasing the casual elegance of Southern California's coastal elite.

TKOart is dedicated to creating art collections that are as unique and distinctive as the luxury properties they adorn. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate closely with clients, architects, and interior designers to curate bespoke art plans that add depth, meaning, and beauty to each space.

In another stunning location at the prestigious Maui Montage, TKOart was tasked with creating a collection that reflected the beauty of Hawaii's coast. In just two months, TKOart curated a personalized art plan that exuded energy and elegance befitting the penthouse suite. Working with over 20 artists from Hawaii and the mainland, TKOart acquired a range of paintings, collages, photography, and sculptures that were expertly framed, delivered, and installed.

The range of services provided for the Olson's residence includes:

  • Art planning for multiple residential properties
  • Curating a custom art collection
  • Art placement ensuring collection seamlessly flowed throughout the residence
  • Sourcing property-specific sculptures and accessories
  • Expert framing and installation of all artworks

Key details of the Olson's residential projects:

  • Curated a personalized art plan that reflected the beauty of the region
  • Acquired works from over 20 artists and developed a common thread to create a natural flow
  • Services extended beyond artwork to sourcing property-specific sculptures and accessories that completed the home's design
  • Ability to work within tight timelines without compromising quality

TKOart is dedicated to creating unique and personalized art collections that elevate the beauty and character of luxury properties. Our collaborations with clients, such as Bob Olson of RD Olson Construction, have resulted in custom art collections that are not only beautiful but also reflect the individuality of the property and its owners. We also excel in working within tight timelines, as exemplified in our work for the prestigious Maui Montage penthouse suite, where we curated a collection that seamlessly flowed throughout the residence, earning the designer with whom TKOart worked design awards and featuring in two architectural magazines. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create a bespoke art plan for your luxury property.